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Redman Search Engine Optimization Add-Ons For Real Estate Websites

Attract more Real Estate LEADS and increase your website's EXPOSURE through Redman's easy-to-use


Handle SEO like a pro on your Redman Tech website!

In today’s modern age of technology, more and more people are turning to the internet when they need to search for information, particularly when it comes to real estate.

In order to drive more traffic to your real estate business website, it is crucial that your site ranks highly in the search engines. This process is known as search engine optimization or SEO. Your Redman Website comes with SEO tools built into the platform to allow you to boost your SEO from the start. From custom URLs, indexable IDX, to easy-to-edit metadata and image optimization, you're already well on your way to SEO success.

Everyone is different and has different goals for their Real Estate business, that's why we also allow you to customize your own website's SEO with our SEO Add-ons! Whether you are getting started by adding one or two add-ons or giving one of our SEO Packages a boost with more time or another service, you'll find all that you need right here!

Get in touch with our Sales team to add one, two, or all four of these SEO add-ons to your Redman Tech website!


Blogging Packages

Blogging is an important element that helps to increase your SEO and while bringing traffic to your website and keeping your social media communities up to date with tips, events, and various other buyer and seller topics. We provide you with a series of buyer, seller and community event/lifestyle blogs, and schedule those posts over the course of three months to be posted on your blog as well as your Facebook Page.

Community Module

The Community Module Add-on automatically generates styled pages for each community in your area including listings, stats and local amenities. It also provides you plenty of space to add your own unique content and/or image to showcase your area expertise which in turn increases your SEO!

IDX Sitemap

The IDX Sitemap add-on generates an extended sitemap that includes all public listings in your board, which can be accessed by search engines helping improve your listing-level SEO. People search for listing numbers and address all the time: make sure they find the ones on your website first!

Bundle Hours

Ranging from 5, 10, to 20-hour bundle packages this is a valuable add-on that can be used for up to a year from purchase to help increase your SEO! Personalize your site with unique content such as custom landing pages or have the Redman SEO team do a content analysis, update your metatags or even do onsite/offsite optimization. The possibilities are endless!