Redman Add-Ons For Real Estate Websites

Extend Your Website, Extend Your Business

We’ve created an ever-expanding collection of Add-Ons that extend the functionality and potential of your website. Different agents and offices specialize in different areas of real estate, so we don’t pretend there’s a “one size fits all” solution. Redman websites work great right out of the box, but sometimes you need that little special something extra to add that WOW experience.

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Content & SEO Add-Ons

  • Automatic Video Listings

    Cut yourself some slack and still provide your clients with a great service with Redman's automated real estate video listings. We take the listing images you provide in the listing, combine them with some awesome music and your contact information in a video slideshow, and ta-da! You become a superstar by providing listing videos for all your sellers. And on top of that, we syndicate all your videos to our Trendy Agents Video Network, which gives your listings extra exposure. Every time someone is interested in learning more about a listing, we direct them back to your site and your contact info.


    *Included free on Redman Pro level websites, and available as a purchasable Add-On for all other website levels.

  • Blogging Packages

    Blogging is an important element that helps to increase your SEO and while bringing traffic to your website and keeping your social media communities up to date with tips, events, and various other buyer and seller topics. We can provide you with one, two, or a series of buyer, seller and community event/lifestyle blogs, and schedule those posts over the course of several months.

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  • Bundle Hours

    With Redman's Bundle Hour packages you can use the hours purchased for an unbelievable range of content & design work at a discounted price from our regular hourly rate. Personalize your site with unique content such as custom landing pages or have the Redman SEO team do a content analysis, update your metatags or even do onsite/offsite optimization. The possibilities are endless! Ranging from 5, 10, to 20 hour bundle packages this is a valuable add-on that can be used for up to a year from purchase to help increase your SEO!

    $540 / $999 / $1899

  • Business Directory

    Redman's Business Directory is an easy way to showcase companies you have relationships with, or highlight local businesses in your areas. Easily organize the businesses by categories and add specific information about each business, including their name, a description, logo, website link, and contact information.


    Available for purchase on all Redman website levels.

  • IDX Listing Sitemap

    For the SEO-minded, this add-on generates an extended sitemap that includes all public listings in your board, which can be accessed by search engines for improved listing-level SEO. People search for listing numbers and address all the time: make sure they find the ones on your website first!


    *Available for purchase on all Pro, Office and Custom Redman websites.

  • Local Info Pages

    Redman provides a semi- customizable selection of stock Local Info pages in your area for cities, towns and communities in your board. These pages include images, stock copy describing the location, and curated informative links to more community information, local amenities, and services. Major cities have longer, more robust pages to reflect their size and diversity. 3 Included free on Redman Pro level websites, and are available as a purchasable Add-On for all other website levels.


    Available for purchase on all Redman website levels.

  • Real Estate Stats

    Give your website visitors a quick overview of what is happening in a specific city or community, or provide a more robust set of historical real estate data for your board. We offer numerous real estate stats add-on options, including active listings, historical data, and community specific data.

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    Available for purchase on all Pro level and Office level Redman websites.

  • Rental Module

    Want your website to be a major source of rental information for your market? The Redman Rental Module makes it easy for you to add rental property information, add property and pricing information, add contact information, and showcase photographs of the property.


    Available for purchase on all Pro level and Office level Redman websites.

    Recurring Fee: $25/month


  • Advanced Calculators

    Provide additional tools and value to your visitors with Redman's Advanced Calculators. Let them estimate the closing costs of certain listings, or investigate whether it makes more sense to buy or rent in the current market.

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    Included free on Redman Pro level and Office websites, and available as a purchasable Add-On for Basic website levels.

  • Mortgage Calculator

    Seasoned real estate investors need additional tools to determine if a property is right for them. This calculator is tailored specifically to the needs of investors, and can help them understand if a property is a viable investment for them, helping narrow down the list of potential listings to investigate further.


    Available for purchase on all Pro level and Office level Redman websites.

Lead Gen Communication Add-Ons

  • Automatic Facebook Listing App

    Expand your reach and leverage all the social interactions Facebook has to offer. Redman's Facebook App automatically integrates with your personal or office listings, and adds a tab to your Business Page where your fans can browse your listings, right on Facebook. Set up all your personal listings to auto-post on your business page wall and personal wall, and never forget to share a listing ever again.


    *Included free on Redman Pro level websites, and available as a purchasable Add-On for all other website levels.

  • Eblast

    Redman's EBlast system allows you to send personalized emails to your clients. The system has integrated reporting on bounce rates, open rates and so much more! This platform uses a "pay as you go" function so you only pay when you use it.

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    Available for purchase on all Redman webiste levels.

  • FB Ad Campaigns

    The Facebook advert management we offer is designed to help you get the best possible response from the people who see your advert. Whether you want to get more people to fill out a lead for, on your website, or to get your brand awareness out there, we'll help you to to achieve those goals by creating adverts that do all that for you. You'll also get the freedom to set your monthly ad budget, and Redman will lovingly take care of your Facebook campaign to help get you the results you're after.


    *min ad budget $100

  • Google Adwords PPC

    Do you want to be seen by potential buyers and sellers the moment they get on Google to search for a realtor? Are you serious about taking advantage of your online marketing potential? Google Adwords helps get your phone ringing and bringing new and potential leads to your website. Redman will manage you Google Adwords account letting you focus on contacting new leads, landing clients, and making sales!

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  • Live Chat

    Live Chat is about more than just chatting: it's a way to gain a lead or keep your current clients happy. Discover what their problems are quicker and answer their questions immediately. A great way to build lasting relationships, and encourage casual website visitors to create a deeper relationship.

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    Available for purchase on all Redman website levels.

  • Marketing Automation CRM

    Redman Tech's Marketing automation allows you to follow your lead's activities, such as when they visit your website, open an email, read your blog, or fill out a form. Our CRM is directly connected to your Redman website. Once the lead is in the system, you have the ability to add notes, tags, and assign them to campaigns. This lead nurturing functionality helps you stay top-of-mind of all your potential clients. You'll also be able to keep track of current clients, set tasks, send emails, and overall manage your entire lead & client database from one place. Never lose a lead again!


    SETUP FEE: $499

    * Additional users = $49/month per user *

  • Newsletter

    Redman now offers a Monthly Engagement Newsletter for you and your clients! Nurture your existing leads and market to new ones, pass on valuable information such as new listings & stats, and it's great content to share on your website or Social Media. Best of all you'll stay top of mind with prospective clients!


  • RedForm Builder

    The RedForm Builder lets you take control of the way your website gathers leads. We provide you with a collection of great stock forms to get you started, and Redman Pro users can modify them to collect the information you need, where you need it. And if we don't have it... you can create it yourself! Our easy-to-use Form Builder interface lets you create custom forms without limits, and without touching a line of code.

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    The RedForm Builder comes free with any Redman website. A Redman Basic website gives you 3 custom forms and 7 stock forms, while a Redman Pro or Redman Office website gives you 10 custom forms and 17 stock forms to play with.

  • Retargeting Campaign

    Retargeting generates greater online Real Estate lead conversions by keeping your brand front and centre by bringing back home buyers or sellers when they're ready to buy or sell. Every time your customer sees your retargeting ads, your brand gains more traction and even more recognition. The high click-through rates and increased conversions that are typical with retargeting campaigns underscore the value of good branding and repeated exposure. With Redman's Retargeting Campaign Management, you're sure to keep you at the top of people's minds when they're online, increasing the likelihood that they contact YOU when they're ready to buy or sell!


    *min ad budget $150 | SETUP FEE: $150 (1 ad in 4 sizes)

  • Social Media Management

    Don't have time to post to all your Social accounts? Don't worry... Keep your followers in the loop with Redman's Social Media Management! With 3 Unique posts per week, featured listing postings, sold listings postings, 10 holiday greeting per year and monthly social media stats, you'll never have to worry about an inactive Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account again! Our Social Media Management comes in both Basic and Pro - contact sales today to find the right fit for you.

    $99 / $149

Add It On!

Looking for more information about how to set up Redman Add-Ons on your real estate website? Use the form below and check the Add-Ons you're interested in, and we'll be in touch soon to get you started!