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An Office Experience Your Clients – And Your Agents – Will Love

Create Leads

Multi-Agent Lead Management

Your website's primary job is to create leads for your agents. Our lead forms can be tailored to your specific needs and service area with a few button clicks, and you can let our Agent On Duty functionality automatically farm out leads to your agents, creating less work for your management team.


Grow Your Office

Recruitment is essential. You want to grow — you need to grow — and we can help create a website that brings in qualified REALTORS®. Showcase the benefits of your office and your brand.


Keep Your Agents Engaged

You choose how your agents can participate in your online experience. We have both multi-agent style office websites and single-management concepts, with different types of access and control.

Redman Add-Ons

Looking for more features and functionality? Redman has an array of product add-ons that can further highlight you as an industry leader! Need a page for every community with stats and amenity lists? Or how about a page for every condo development in your area? Check out all our awesome add-ons!